Third Chinese aircraft carrier “Futsyan” completed its first test campaign

The third Chinese aircraft carrier “Futsyan” completed its first trial campaign, which began on May 1.

According to the Chinese agency “Sinhua”, the Futsyan aircraft carrier returned to the Tsiannan shipyard in Shanghai after 8 days of swimming.

According to this information, during the trial swimming, the propulsion and electrical systems of the ship, as well as other equipment, were checked, and “the expected results were obtained”.

In the coming days, it is planned to make several more trial flights.

– the third Chinese aircraft carrier

The ship named after one of the southern provinces of China – Futsyan was launched on June 17, 2022 at the Ciangnan shipyard in Shanghai.

A warship with a displacement of 80 thousand tons, classified as “Type 003”, is equipped with launchers of advanced technology called Electromagnetic Aircraft Launch System (Emals).

Futsyan the Third Aircraft Territory as part of the Chinese fleet after Liaoning and Shandong is the first domestic model of both design and production.

The first Chinese aircraft carrier, named after the North-Eastern Province of Liaonin, was built on the basis of the skeleton of the Varangian aircraft carrier, bought from Ukraine in 1998, and entered into operation in 2012.

Shandong aircraft carrier, named after another northeastern province, was made in China under the Liaoning project and put into operation in 2017.

China, which has the world’s largest navy in the number of ships, plans to create a fleet of 6 aircraft carriers by 2035.