“This is a catastrophe”: Poklonskaya about war in Ukraine

Deputy Head of Rossotrudnichestvo, a former State Duma Deputy Natalia Poklonskaya in a video conscription to the participants of the Brix Forum (a group of five countries: Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) in India called events in Ukraine with a catastrophe and declared the importance of “talking about the world, Carry mercy, love and good. ” It is reported by RBC.

“What happens to Ukraine today is the darkness of the catastrophe. People die, destroyed at home, whole cities, millions of refugees. Body and soul are crippled. My heart is broken away from pain,” said Poklonskaya, noting, What is both Ukrainian and Russian, and acts on the side of good and common sense. “

“Two my native countries kill each other, I didn’t want it and do not want,” says Poklonskaya.

“Please help. Who can pray – let’s pray. Who can compare – let’s compare,” the Poklonskaya for the Forum participants appealed.

In early March, the Poklonskaya opposed hostilities in Ukraine, calling what was happening “nightmare”: “We went too far. We are not aware of everything together, or destroy the world, after which it will come to understanding that you need to be able to take a choice others. “