Three police officers died in Pakistan during protest rally

Three Police officers were killed, and the leader of the party of the National Democratic Movement (NDM) Muhsin Davar received a gunshot wound during the protest, organized due to the late announcement of elections in the Pakistani District, North Vaziristan in the Gyber-Pakhtunvy province.

According to the GEO News TV channel, Davar and its supporters gathered in the city of Miranhah to protest against the late announcement of the election results.

During the ensuing brawl during a protest campaign, three police officers were killed, and the NDM leader received a gunshot wound.

two more people were killed and a large number of Pakistanis were injured as a result of incidents that broke out during the promotions on the eve of the protest against the election results in the province of Haiber-Pakhtunhwi.

Voting in the National Assembly of Pakistan and provincial assemblies that will perform legislative functions in the country for 5 years began on Thursday, February 8, at 08.00 local time, ended at 17.00.