Three Russian warns recognized Ukrainians

Ukrainian historians and philologists conducted a study and stated that famous Bogati Alyask Popovich, Ilya Muromets and Dobryny Nikitich were “stolen” by Russia.

As experts noted, the older brother Ilya Muromets is actually a birth from the village of Morovsk (Muromsk) under Chernihiv, and not from the village of Karacharovo under Murom. According to them, the eponymous heroic was called Chobitko or Murov.

They also stressed that the younger brother Alyosh Popovich called Olesko, and in status he was a knight, and not a boyarian. Experts also concluded that he was not born in Rostov, but in the Ukrainian city Piryatin in Poltava region.

Dobryny Nikitich was “Voevoda Prince Vladimir Great” and he lived on the territory of Kievan Rus, which “was within the current ethnic Ukraine.”

Experts added that the Moscow Principality decided to “assign” three heroes, were about which “from the mouth of the mouth” on the lands of the future of Ukraine.