Three UAE soldiers and one officer of Bahrain army were killed in Somalia

Three OAE armed forces and one Bahrain army officer died as a result of a “terrorist attack” in Somalia. This was reported on the page of the Ministry of Defense of the UAE on the social network x.

“As a result of a terrorist act in Somalia, in the performance of their official duties, three military personnel of the Armed Forces of the UAE and one officer of the Bahrain defense forces were killed, two more people were injured,” follows the message.

It is noted that the dead participated in the work of the mission, which is engaged in the training of the personnel of the Armed Forces of Somalia. A group of instructors from the UAE is in Somalia as part of a bilateral agreement on military cooperation.

The department expressed condolences to the families of dead military personnel. It was noted that the UAE would continue to coordinate efforts and cooperate with the Somali government in the investigation of the attack.

President Somali Hassan Sheikh Mahmud said that he resolutely condemns the attack on the Gordan military base in the capital of the country, Mogadishu, directed against the “military instructors” from the UAE.

The head of state expressed the condolences of the UAE and instructed law enforcement agencies to immediately begin the investigation.

The day before, the Somali media reported that one of the Somali soldiers at the Gordan military base opened fire, as a result of which several people were killed and wounded, including high -ranking UAE military personnel. The responsibility for the attack was taken by the Ash Shabab terrorist organization.