Tokaev: Kazakhstan Armed Forces should be prepared for any challenges

The Armed Forces of Kazakhstan should be prepared for any challenges. This was stated by the President of Kazakhstan Kasym-Zhomart Tokaev, speaking to the military personnel during a visit to the strategic command and staff military exercises “Batyl Toytarys-2023”.

“Today, large -scale changes are in the world defense system. Modern methods and techniques of warfare are increasing more and more widespread, especially hybrid types of wars. Attacks can be of not only military, but also information, psychological, political, economic and other character Therefore, the Armed Forces of Kazakhstan should be prepared for any challenges, ”said Tokaev, whose words are quoted by the press service of the Kazakh leader.

According to the Head of State, the Kazakhstan army should be highly professional, mobile and ready to carry out the most difficult combat missions.

“For this, it is fundamentally important to equip it with high -tech weapons and high -quality military equipment, to fully ensure ammunition. In my recent message, I set a priority task – to create a production cycle with a high share of localization. armored vehicles, unmanned aerial vehicles, modern small arms – modern small arms. We can and must release all this in our country. In general, the defense -industrial complex should provide a reliable foundation for the combat effectiveness of our army, ”the president emphasized.

During the military exercises of the Batyl Toytarys-2023, a verification of the readiness of state and military administration bodies for the defensive operation was checked.

In the exercises, 8 thousand military personnel and 600 units of weapons and military equipment were involved.