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Andrey Piontkovsky: Italy, France, Germany and Hungary play on side of Putin
Salvini, sympathetic to Putin, refused a trip to Russia with a peaceful plan
Russian military destroyed APU battery with Italian howitzers
Azerbaijani gymnasts successfully perform in Bulgaria and Italy
Ukraine received 1969 development from Italy
Putin proposed solving food crisis in return for abolition of sanctions
Italy deprived Mikhail Mishustin of state award
World Leaders Pledge to Fight for Freedom and Values with History at Turning Point
Italy deprived of State Technical University of Mishustin and Manturov
Italian prosecutor’s office demanded six years in prison for Berlusconi
Kyiv commented on Italian plan in Ukraine
Italy, Hungary and Cyprus require negotiations with Russia
Reskilling Revolution: Leaders Preparing 1 Billion People for Tomorrow’s Economy
Italy froze property of simultaneous Russians
New Initiative to Strengthen Cross-Border Investment in Digital Economy
Private Sector Sends Powerful Market Signal to Commercialize Zero-Carbon Tech, as Key Coalition Tops 50 Members
European Commission thought about gas pipeline between Spain and Italy
Medvedev criticized peaceful initiative of Italy: “A reason for beginning of a full -fledged war”
Medvedev insulted Poles and Baltic
In Ukrainian army, commanders will be able to kill military for failure to fulfill orders
20 countries have prepared new military assistance packages to Ukraine
Strengthening civil-military cooperation on aviation with NATO support
ACT-Accelerator Facilitation Council co-chairs welcome financial and policy commitments made
Chief Economists Outlook Warns of Dire Human Consequences from Fragmentation of Global Economy
Mikail Dzhabbarov said in Davos: Azerbaijan is ready to increase gas supplies to Europe
Ruslan Lunev won Grand Prix in Spain
Azerbaijan won world’s bronze in Spain
In footsteps of Macron? Berlusconi urged to accept Russia’s demands for Ukraine
Germany and Italy allowed to buy gas from Russia for
Ospop monkeys are already in Israel
WHO supporting countries affected by rare monkeypox outbreak
G7 will allocate to Ukraine about $ 20 billion dollars
Condemnation of Russia, Council of Europe’s priorities, assistance for Ukraine
Ireland takes over Chairmanship of Committee of Ministers
Ospop Monkeys captures Europe
WHO announces winners of 3rd Health for All Film Festival
Italy: dozens of mafiosi detained
Berlusconi: There are no politicians in world who are able to negotiate with Putin
Heat in Europe will not let Gazprom suffer
Helga Pedersen Human Rights Moot Court Competition – 10th anniversary
In West, they began to fear victory of Ukraine
Foreign ministers meet in Turin to discuss their response to Russian Federation aggression against Ukraine
European Union came up with how to buy Russian gas without violation of sanctions
Italy intends to transfer a large batch of weapons to Ukraine
G7 promises to isolate Russia and give Ukraine “how much” weapons “
‘Coalition of willing’ to ensure healthy diets from sustainable food systems
WHO announces winners at Awards ceremony of 3rd Health for All Film Festival
22 countries sign new Protocol to Cybercrime Convention