Tournament of applicants: Teimur Rajabov held 11th batch

In Madrid, the 11th tournament of applicants for a chess crown is held in Madrid. Azerbaijani grandmaster Teimur Radzhabov played today with white figures with one of the outsiders of the competition – Poles Yang -Kryshtof Duda.

The party ended in a draw on the 33rd move. Now Rajabov has 5 points. At the moment, it takes 5th place, and most likely retain this position after the end of the other parties of the 11th round.

The fights continue: Hikaru Nakamura (USA) – Richard Rapport (Hungary), Alizka Firuj (France) – Yan Nepomnya (Russia), Fabiano Caruan (USA) – Dean Liezhen (China).


Returning to the performance of Teimur Rajabov, it is worth adding that in 11 rounds he won one victory, suffered two defeats and tied eight times.

In the first circle, Teimur lost Nakamur and Karuan. In the second circle, he took a brilliant revenge from Nakamura. In addition, our chess player has already tied twice with a non -remembered, Firuja and Duda, once with Dean and Rapport.

Tournament position after the 10th round:

1. Nonal – 7 points; 2-4. Karuana, Nakamura, Dean – 5.5 points each; 5. Radzhabov – 4.5 points; 6-8. Duda, rapport, Firuja – 4 points.

The competition takes place in two circles. Time control – 2 hours for the first 40 moves, 1 hour for the next 20 moves, 15 minutes for the rest of the party with the addition of 30 seconds starting from the 61st move.

If the chess players fighting in the 1st place will gain the same number of points according to the results of 14 rounds, then they will find a tie-break-two batches in quick chess, and if necessary, then blitz until the strongest is determined.

The winner of the tournament will receive 48 thousand euros and the right to challenge the championship crown in a match with the current world champion Magnus Karlsen. True, the Norwegian himself has repeatedly stated that he was not very interested once again to play the championship match. If Carlsen refuses to protect the title, then chess players who took 1st and 2nd places in the applicants’ tournament will compete for the title of world champion.