Town Yeltsin: Yeltsin and Clinton drank vodka in toilet of Kremlin

The former son-in-law of Boris Yeltsin Alexei Dyachenko told how the first President of Russia arranged a drunk with the American leader Bill Clinton in the Kremlin toilet. An excerpt from the book of Dyachenko “from Yeltsin to Putin. And back” published on the site “Echo of Moscow”.

According to Dyachenko, Yeltsin himself told him about this case. During one of the techniques in the Kremlin, the spouse Clinton Hillary did not allow him to drink. “Bill in principle loved” to attach “, but Hillary held him back,” the author noted.

Yeltsin ordered employees to cover the table in the toilet. “Affective thing, the toilet in the Kremlin is unusual. Clean and size is impressive. Allows not only at the table. It is not ashamed there and a lady to the dance to invite. The two presidents have put a table with drinking table and a drinking snack”, “explained Dyachenko.

Yeltsin “Sign up” Clinton, which wants to talk to him with an eye on the eye, and they have disappeared together. When they returned, US President was “cheerful.” Hillary Clinton noticed that her husband looks suspiciously, but did not understand why, claims Dyachenko.

“can, read these notes and decrypt that old plot. I hope that it will be not the most painful in the long series of her” decoding “,” the former son-in-law of Yeltsin.

Earlier, the Minister of Labor and Social Affairs of the USSR Valery Powlman said that during his visit to the United States in the last years of the existence of the Soviet state, Yeltsin urged “all end” in the Union, and at this point “halfupyan”.