Tragedy in Zolingen: Crime without statute of limitations

The family of ethnic Turks Gench, the five members of which died as a result of a fabric, arranged on May 29, 1993 by extremists in the city of Zolingen, with the incident of 30 years, remembers a terrible crime in Germany.

On that day, Kamil Gench lost two young daughters, sisters and nieces.

59-year-old Turk told Anadolu that he worked as a taxi driver at that time.

“We remember that night, relatives and today I dream. Every year we honor the memory of the dead, the picture stands before our eyes,” he says.

Gench recalls that that night it went to bed early, and woke up from the screams of his wife. “The daughter of Khulia and Saim, sisters Gyursun and Hatiga, and his niece Gulistan died in the fire. I can’t forget their screams, calls for help. I won’t want to survive this,” he said.


The man noted that the participants in this crime were subsequently released ahead of schedule under the pretext of “good behavior and small age.”

“Since they were young, they received only 10 years. The eldest received 15 years. After seven years, all these radicals were released. Nobody can compensate for our loss,” he said.

Gench also spoke about the growth of racist and extremist sentiments in Europe.

So far, far -right politicians are in power and in parliament, it will not be possible to prevent such attacks, he is sure.

On May 29, 1993, a group of extremists set fire to the House of Ethnic Turks in the city of Zolingen in the federal land North Rhine-Westphalia. As a result, five members of the same family were killed: Gyursun Indgea (28), Hatje Gench (19), Gulistan Oztyurk (12), Khulia (9) and Salim Gench (5).

The crime of Marcus Gartman, Felix Kennen, Christian Recher and Christian Bucolz served the sentence and are at large. They continue to live in Germany under other names.