“Transnistria” turned to Russia, UN and OSCE for help

Congress of deputies of all levels of the so -called “Transnistrian Moldavian Republic” took an appeal to the Council of the Federation and the State Duma of Russia with a request to take measures to protect the “Transnistria” in conditions of pressure from the leadership of Moldova.

The deputies also appealed to the UN Secretary General, asking “to take into account the integral rights of the Transnistrian people,” which are guaranteed by “international norms”.

In addition, they called on the UN “to stop violation of the Moldovit rights and freedoms of citizens of Transnistria”.

They separately asked the United Nations to “prevent provocations leading to the escalation of tension”.

For his part, the press secretary of the Government of Moldova Daniel Voda called the congress of deputies of all levels of Transnistria “propaganda event.” According to him, in connection with the congress “there is no danger of escalation and destabilization of the situation in this region of Moldova.”