Turan Bank continues to support program of self-employment

In support of the successful Self-employment program, Turan Bank continues to provide free funds and equipment by unemployed, low-income families and forced migrants with special social protection needs.

So, Heiran Ataeva, Rizvan Mamedov, Sanubar Huseynova, Siyavush, Allahverdiev, Shahnaz Aliyev, Havver Alekbraova and Iltifat Garashov from the Territskiy district were provided with cattle and feeds for the construction of livestock farms.

Turan Bank In connection with the appeal on March 11, 2020, the President of the country to Azerbaijani banks on supporting the program of self-employment of vulnerable groups of the population actively implements events under the Memorandum of Cooperation, signed between the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Central Bank of the Republic of Azerbaijan and Association of Banks of Azerbaijan.