Turkey: an ancient jaw bone of predator from cat’s family was discovered

During the archaeological excavations spent on the territory of the amphitheater of the ancient city of Apameus in the Dinar area of ​​the Turkish province of Afjonkarahisar, a fragment of the jaw bone, presumably belonging to a predator from the cat’s family – lion, tiger or Panther, was found.

Apamea is located at the intersection of the historical Silk Road and the royal road. The city was considered an important shopping center of its time. Apamea carries traces of the Phrygian, Persian, Seleucid and Roman civilizations.

Archaeological work in the amphitheater of the ancient city, the most important architectural structure of the ancient city, has been held for 7 years. They are carried out with the permission of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Turkey in cooperation of managing the culture and tourism of Afjonkarahisar, the University of Afjon-Cojatepe (Akü) and the Turkish historical society (TTK).

Scientific adviser and coordinator of excavations – Doctor of the Department of History of Arts Aküh Yumit Emra Kurt.

In an interview with Anadol, the scientist said that the found jaw bone will be sent to the laboratory for conducting DNA analysis.

“It is assumed that it belongs to a lion or panther. Our anthropologists study the find, they will analyze DNA to draw conclusions relative to the age and type of animal. The place of the find is not the environment of its habitat. Since we found the jaw near the amphitheater, Perhaps the animal was used during the ideas of the ancient period, ”he said, calling the find unique.