Turkey citizens with disabilities voted in presidential election at home

In Turkey on Sunday, May 28, for the first time in the history of the republic, the second round of voting in the presidential election.

Turkish residents who could not come to their polling stations due to illness or disability, were able to vote at home through portable urns.


So, the employees of the Adyyaman regional election commission delivered a portable urn for voting of the married couple Erdil and the Malia Shakhin.

In an interview with Anadolu, 18 – Summer Malia Shakhin said that she could not go to the vote in connection with the disease.

The girl thanked the staff of the election commission for the opportunity to vote in the presidential elections at home.

90-year-old Osman Erdil also thanked the staff of the election commission to take the right to vote at home.

As reported, in connection with the disease or disability at home, 16 residents of Adyyaman will vote.


Akyngioglu voted at home at home. Members of the regional election commission delivered a portable urn to the voter’s apartment, and also informed him of the voting process.

Akyngioglu said that he was very happy that he could vote in the elections.

Due to the disease or disability through portable URN for voting in Kyrklalley, 18 voters will vote.

Tekirdag and Edirne

In addition, a number of voters in Tekirdag also voted with the help of mobile urns.

including a resident of the Chynarly district 61 is Ratibe Beecker, who could not go to her polling station due to the disease.

Employees of the polling station informed Pecker about the voting process. For her part, the woman expressed gratitude to them for the help provided.

, through portable urns for voting in Tekirdag, 13 voters will vote.

The opportunity to vote in the elections of the medium of portable urns also received a number of residents of Edirne with diseases and disabilities.