Turkey considers Russia as a partner for creating missiles

Ankara In collaborations with other countries intends to develop a rocket capable of bringing out of two to four tons of payloads from two to four tons of payload, reports “TRT in Russian”.

Russia could be a partner of Turkey to develop and create its middle-class missiles, said the head of the National Space Agency of the Republic of Serdar Hussein Yyldym.

According to him, Turkey is still working to independently build such rockets, therefore it is advisable to resort to international cooperation. “In this regard, Russia could become a good partner. In the course of our negotiations, we are also discussing this,” said Jyldym at the GLEX conference.

He noted that Turkey would be able to run a rocket from its cosmodrome with a carrying capacity from two to four tons and a starting mass of about 300 tons. In 2029, the country expects to send his rover to the moon, by this time the necessary technologies will appear.