Turkey: cream for protecting astronauts from radiation in space has been developed

Scientists from the University of Biruni in Istanbul developed a scorpion leather, designed to protect astronauts from a high level of radiation in space.

Work were carried out according to the leadership of the dean of the pharmaceutical faculty of the university, Professor Ismail Tuner Degim.

Degim specializes in research in the field of aerospace pharmacy.

In an interview with an anadol correspondent, he noted that in space a person is exposed to greater exposure to radiation than on Earth. “The most resistant to radiation are creatures with a chitin layer, including scorpions. Scorpions themselves absorb radiation thanks to the hyalin layer inside their skin,” he explained.

He added that the skin of Scorpio reflects ultraviolet radiation and radiation, “Thus, thanks to the ointment that we prepared from Scorpio, the person will be protected from ultraviolet radiation and radiation,” he said.

According to the professor, during the stay in the space space, you can get a dose of radiation 10-50 times higher than the one on Earth.

Ismail Tuner Degim said that the study of aerospace pharmacy at the University of Biruni has been carried out since 2018.