Turkey: creation of vaccine production center continues to create rapid pace

Turkey last time produced a tuberculosis vaccine in 1998 and after that suspended the production of vaccines, managed to become one of the 9 countries producing vaccines in this area, developing the Turkovac vaccine against the flash of Covid-19.

The new hygiene center, which is planned as a “base for the production of vaccines” and the construction of which continues at a fast pace, will allow Turkey to again declare itself in this area after a quarter century.

According to the information received by the correspondent of the Anadolu agency (AA), in the center that will be located in a closed area of ​​50 thousand square meters near the ANKARA ANKARA Airport, research and production work will be carried out to create some genetic products, as well as vaccines.

The opening of the first stage of the center is expected by the end of the year.

The construction of the Hygiene-Turkiye scientific and production center and biotechnological products, which will be equipped with a “smart building” technology, takes place in three stages.

The construction of the first stage is nearing completion. This site, including some research and production laboratories, should be commissioned by the end of the year.

The second stage of the construction of the Center will include vaccines. At the third stage, the purchase, installation and licensing of equipment will be carried out.

The first goal is the production of vaccines against rabies, hepatitis A and chickenpox in Turkey.

The Ministry of Health seeks to transform knowledge into products and reduce dependence on foreign manufacturers, developing the capabilities of domestic production in this area with the help of a new center of hygiene and sanitation and scientists with knowledge about vaccines production processes in Turkey. >

It is planned to produce vaccines against rabies, hepatitis A and chickenpox as part of the program of immunization of children by transmitting technologies.

in Turkey.

After the commissioning of the Hygiene Center, it is planned to make all the vaccines included in the immunization program in Turkey by 2028.