Turkey: exercises “Anatoly Phoenix-2023” were successfully conducted

In the horse, the International Military exercises “Anatolian Phoenix -2023” (Anadolu Ankası -2023) were held.

In the exercises that took place on the basis of the 3rd command of the Turkish Air Force in the Province of Konya, the military from Azerbaijan, the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and Qatar took part.

The status of observers in the exercises was presented by representatives of the Armed Forces of Nigeria, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia and Germany.

All tasks within the framework of the exercises were as close as possible to the combat. Jet planes, long -range radar detection aircraft, transport aircraft, UAVs and helicopters were involved.

Also, the teachings for the first time used the T70 multi -purpose helicopters and the Air Force Air Force Helicopters Apache.

The exercises were watched by the commander of the Air Force of Turkey Atilla Gulan.

The scenarios for the protection of a military convoy, air support, the evacuation of the wounded from the combat zone, parachute landing and evacuation of personnel.

F-16 fighters struck the goals, the coordinates of which were transmitted by special forces with an advanced one. All set successfully completed.