Turkey: healthcare costs are growing

The volume of expenses for the healthcare sector in Turkey in 2022 increased by 71.5 percent compared to the previous year – up to 606 billion 835 million Turkish liras. Such data are given by the Institute of Statistics of Turkey (Tüi̇k).

Public expenses for healthcare for the year of the year increased by 65.4 percent – to 463 billion 516 million lires, and the costs of the private sector – by 94.4 percent, to 143 billion 319 million lires.

The share of the expenses of the public sector in the total expenses of the healthcare sector amounted to 76.4 percent, and the private sector – 23.6 percent.

The ratio of health care costs for GDP in 2021 amounted to 4.9 percent, and in 2022- 4 percent.

At the same time, the costs of public health care in the field of healthcare in 2022 increased by 69.8 percent to 7,141 lira, while in 2021 this indicator was 4,206 lire.