Turkey: military exercises “Nusret-2023” are held

As part of the exercises in the Bay of Saros, events were held on the Day of the Honored Observer. Within the framework of the event, an operation was first underwent to reset the min forces of TCG Bayractar.

Then the C-130 aircraft dropped mines into the sea from the air. The mines identified by the ROV device were blown up and destroyed by divers-Miniers (MHD). Light autonomous submarine (HOSA) also took part in the mining of the district.

SAS commandos, sent to this area as part of the Tactical Operation Penche, was jumped from a helicopter to a section near the discovered mine and installed a detonator. Commandos were taken back to a helicopter, destroyed a mine, going to a safe zone.

The exercises continued with the helicopter by the helicopter of the personnel, which received conditional wounds during the destruction and ended with a solemn parade.

In exercises, representatives of the armies of 10 countries take part as observers

The teachings were attended by the commander of the destroyers squadron, the commodor of the 1st search and traffic squadron, the commodor of the 2nd search and traffic squadron and the commodor of the 1st squadron of amphibious ships from Turkey, 1 ship of control, 1 frigate, 2 patrol ship, 2 patrol ships, 8 Search vessels mines, 2 helicopters, 1 operational group of underwater defense, commodore squadron of amphibious ships, 1 control ship, 1 frigate, 2 patrol ships, 8 ships for finding mines, 2 helicopters, 1 operational group of underwater defense, 2 groups of light autonomous submarine underwater underwater devices and 1 unmanned aerial vehicle, 2 coast guard ships, 2 helicopters of the Ground Forces command, 2 F-16 aircraft and 1 transport aircraft C-130 of the Turkish Air Force Command.

International participants consisted of a permanent anti-minute-2 NATO operational group, including the command-dispatch ship from Italy, one ship from Italy, Spain and Greece and one group to neutralize explosives from Croatia, USA, Malta, Romania and Saudi Arabia,

units from Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Brazil, Bulgaria, South Korea, Philippines, Kuwait, Malaysia, Pakistan and Oman participated as observers.