Turkey: record export indicators in 2023 predict records

Turkey exports until the end of 2023 will reach $ 264.7 billion, which will become another record indicator in the history of the republic. This is stated in the report of the Union of Exporters of Turkey (TIM) for 2023.

According to the statement of the head of TIM, Mustafa Gultepa, world demand plays a key role in the export of Turkey. “We have prepared an export forecast using the methods of economy metrics. In the light of current events, we can say that a slowdown in the growth of income at a global level causes a slowdown in export growth,” he said.

Gultepa noted that annually, when preparing a TIM report, data obtained from reliable sources are used and analyzed.

According to him, the TIM report serves as a kind of guide for exporters. “World demand is an important factor affecting the export of Turkish products. In other words, expectations, forecasts and scenarios related to the level of income in the world directly affect the export of Turkey. It is urgent to take measures in accordance with the European green course. Financing” green transformation “It is crucial in the process of adaptation,” said Gultepa.

Gultepa noted that according to the Forecasts of Turkey, in 2023, it will increase by 4.13 percent to $ 264.7 billion. “In other words, in the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Turkish Republic, we will reach the record level of exports, almost $ 265 billion. We must also take into account the fact that February earthquakes had a negative impact on export, we lost about 2.6 billion dollars,” he said .

The head of TIM also recalled that in 2022, Turkey reached a record level in the export of products and services. “The export of products amounted to $ 254.2 billion, the export of services in turn, in turn, $ 90.3 billion. The share of Turkey in the world export basket amounted to 1.02 percent. The increase in Turkey exports in the past three years has been ahead of world indicators,” he said .