Turkey remains in top 3 countries according to number of beaches with “blue flag”

The Blue Flag International Awards in Turkey were awarded 551 beach, 23 pier, 14 tourist judges and 10 private yachts. The international jury of the Blue flag announced the awards for 2023.

In the ranking announced by the Environmental Education Fund (FEE) with headquarters in Copenhagen, Turkey again entered the top 3 countries in the number of beaches with the “blue flag”.

In the first place in the number of “blue flags” is Spain, in the second – Greece. Following Turkey follow Italy and France.

“Blue Flag” – an international award, annually awarded to beaches and berths since 1987, the water in which meets high quality standards and is suitable for safe bathing. The implementation of the program in Turkey began in 1993.

The Blue Flag program provides for 33 criteria for beaches, 38 – for berths, 51 – for travel vessels and 16 for private yachts.

Among the mandatory criteria for beaches with the “blue flag” – analysis of water for bathing every 15 days during the season, suitability of treatment facilities, protection of vulnerable territories, the presence of rescuers and first -aid items, a plan of action in emergency situations, convenience for the disabled , separation of waste, environmental education and information.

The Blue Flag program, carried out during the coordination of the Turkish Ecological Education Fund (Türçev), is implemented in 50 countries of the world with the support of the International Environmental Education Fund (Fee).

Antalya ranks first in the number of beaches and tourist vessels with a “blue flag” in Turkey. So, 231 beach, 5 beach and 14 tourist vessels were awarded the Blue Flag award.