Turkey, Russia and Iran condemned actions of terrorists in Syria

Turkey, Russia and Iran as the warrants of the Astana process condemned the growing activity of terrorist groups in Syria. They are ready to continue to interact to combat terrorism. This is stated in a common joint statement following the results of the 19th International Meeting on Syria in Astana format.

“expressed the determination to continue interaction in order to fight terrorism in all its forms and manifestations and confronts the separatist plans aimed at undermining the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Syria and threatening the national security of neighboring countries, including cross -border attacks and infiltration,” the says said In the statement.

“condemned the growing presence and activity of terrorist groups and related structures operating under different signs in various parts of Syria, including attacks on civilian infrastructure and camps of internally displaced persons (IDP), which lead to victims among civilians”, – said in the document.

Ankara, Moscow and Tehran “emphasized the need to complete the fulfillment of all existing agreements regarding the north of Syria.”