Turkey, UAE and China joined sanctions against Russian banks

countries that Russia considers “friendly”, contrary to expectations, have completely joined the sanctions of the West against Russian banks.

This was stated by Rosbank Vice-President Alexander Rakhmanin.

According to him, “colleagues” from Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, China and even the post -Soviet republics, including Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and Turkmenistan, refuse to work with Russian credit organizations.

expectations that in China there will be a queue of those who wish to help Russia were in vain: the largest state -owned state – Bank of China, ICBC, China Construction Bank – refuse to accept payments from banks from the Russian Federation that have fallen sanctions, Rakhmanin said.

bypassing restrictions through trading in the yuan is also not always possible. “The entire (Chinese) Payment infrastructure is sharpened under SWIFT. And if the Russian bank is disconnected from SWIFT for sanction or unauthorized reasons, then, accordingly, it ceases to have access to cross -border payments,” the top manager explained.

Turkish banks strictly observe: they refuse to open the Corgs in lies included in black lists to Russian banks.

“Given that a significant part of the Banking sector of Russia is in one way or another to be rejected by sanctions, frankly, only the possibility of working with Turkish banks remains only for banks of the second echelon,” said Rachmanin.

In the UAE, where Russian companies are massively translating business in an attempt to hide from sanctions restrictions, problems also arise. The local regulator “does not allow to fully replace, for example, US dollars with dirhams during trade with Russia,” said Rachmanin.

Similar problems, he said, is with Kazakhstan tenge, Uzbekistan Sum, Kyrgyz Soma and Tajikistan Somani.

Recall that more than 20 Russian banks fell under Western sanctions, and 9 of them, including Sberus, VTB, BEB, Opening and Rosselkhozbank, were disconnected from SWIFT.

Of large state banks, until recently, Gazprombank, which became support for gas calculations, retained access to calculations in dollars and euros. But in January, he lost access to American corsers, without which dollar operations are impossible.