Turkish and Mongolian scientists will look for traces of Turks in Tuul Valley

The archaeologists of Turkey and Mongolia agreed to jointly carry out excavations in the Mongolian Valley Tuul in order to detect Kokturk and Uyghur settlements.

The corresponding protocol was signed between the Izmir University of Katip Chelebi (İkçü) and the Institute of Archeology of the Academy of Sciences of Mongolia.

The ̇kçü delegation visited Mongolia at the invitation of the speaker of the parliament of the country Gombozhavyn Zandanshatar.

The Turkish delegation included the vice -rector of the university Yasin Bulukla, the dean of the faculty of social and humanities, Shaban Dogan and the Erasmus program coordinator Mehmet Emin Bakai

Archaeological work will cover the period from 202 to 2026.