Turkish Armed Forces destroyed 16 goals of PKK/KCK terrorist organization in north of Iraq

In accordance with the right to self -defense arising from Article 51 of the UN Charter, on December 1, 2023, at 18:30, Turkey Armed Forces conducted an air operation against terrorist organizations in the areas of Gara, Metin, Hakurk and Kandil in the north of Iraq.

The purpose of the operation is to eliminate the centers of terrorist attacks against the Turkish people and security forces from the north of Iraq by neutralizing the PKK/KCK terrorist groups and other terrorist elements, as well as ensuring the security of the country’s borders.

The report of the Ministry of National Defense notes that in total 16 goals consisting of caves, shelters, shelters and warehouses that were used by a separatist terrorist organization and in which were supposed to be terrorists of a high command level.

During the operation, with the maximum use of domestic ammunition, a large number of terrorists were neutralized.

“The Armed Forces of Turkey in the name of the security of the country and the people will continue the decisive struggle with terrorism until the threat of terrorism is completely eliminated. During operations against terrorists, all precautions are taken so as not to damage the civilian population, friendly elements, historical and historical and historical. cultural values ​​and the environment, ”the Turkish defense department said in a statement.