Turkish Association “Sadakatash” helps those in need of Yemen

The Turkish Association “Sadakatashi” directed help to the needy residents of Yemen. This is stated in the press release of the organization.

According to a message suffering from due to poverty and civil war, food, wheelchairs, vehicles and milking cows were sent to the population.

About 500 families in the areas of al-Gaida and Seihut of Mehra Provinces, along with food, received 60 drinking water tanks.

Another 60 residents of the regions are provided with electrical wheelchairs.

Association of “Sadakatashi” has been helping thousands of needy people around the world for many years.

In Yemen, since 2014, an armed conflict has been continuing, in which, on the one hand, the rebels of the Shiite movement “Ansarullah” (Husits) and supporters of the overthrown President Yemen Ali Abdullah Salekh, and on the other – government troops loyal to President Abdurabbu Mansuru Hadi .

Husites keep control of the capital of the country, the city of San, and a number of other areas.

The forces of the Arab coalition, led by Saudi Arabia, support the Yemen government in the fight against the Hussites since March 2015.

The ceasefire was reached between the Yemen government and the Husites on April 2, 2022.