Turkish astronaut of Alpers Goseravja returned to his homeland

Turkish astronaut Alpers Goseravja, who successfully completed the tasks as part of the AXIOM-3 (AX-3) mission at the International Space Station (ISS) returned from the USA to Turkey.

Dragon capsule with the AX-3 crew, which included the Turkish astronaut of Alper Goseravja, landed in the ocean off the coast of Florida (USA) on February 9th.

After examinations and observations in the United States, the Hezeravji flew to Ankara on an airplane of the administration of the President of Turkey.

At the Esenbog Airport in the Turkish capital, the Board Minister and Technologies of Turkey Mehmet Fatikh Kajyr, the head of the Turkish Comic Agency (Tua) Yusuf Kyrach, the head of the Council for Scientific and Technical Research of Turkey (Tübi̇tak) Hassan Mandala and the second astashever astas gainer.

At the ramp of 13 children, hezeravjs were handed flowers. He, in turn, gave the children 13 Turkish flags, which he took with him to the ISS.

The Alper Geezeravja family arrived in Ankara.

at 11.00 local time, a briefing of the cadjyr and gesravji at the airport is planned.

Dragon capsule with the AX-3 crew was successfully launched from the Kennedy cosmodrome in Florida on January 18, 16.49 (January 19 00.49 local time).

The AX-3 crew, whose flight lasted about 36 hours, arrived at the ISS on January 20.

The crew included Michael Lopez Alegria (USA), Wilter Villadei (Italy), Marcus Wandt (Sweden) and Alper Goseravja, who became the first astronaut in Turkey’s history.