Turkish Foreign Ministry condemned attack on mosque in Limassol

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Greece strongly condemned the attack on the mosque on the territory of the Greek administration of the Southern Cyprus in Limsol.

The Ministry of the Ministry says: “We decisively condemn the attack on the Ibrahimag Mosque Köpryul in Limassol, committed early in the morning. We fully support the statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRSK) on this issue.”

The statement notes that with this disgusting attack on shares committed in the past against various mosques, a new one was added.

This is an attack, which is the last example of growing Islamophobia throughout Europe, is directed not only against Muslims, but also shows how serious the threat of our common human values ​​became. “

Further in the statement of the Turkish Foreign Ministry is emphasized:

“On the other hand, the hatred and intolerance shown as a result of the aforementioned attack indicate how far some segments of the Greek-Puri community are far from understanding that the Muslim Qualities of Muslim Turks need to live together in peace, tranquility and tolerance . This provocation serves as additional evidence that the concept of the two states on the island is the only realistic model for solving the Cyprus issue. “