Turkish Foreign Ministry congratulated inhabitants of African continent on Africa Day

Foreign Ministry of Turkey congratulated the inhabitants of the African continent on Africa Day, which is annually celebrated on May 25.

“On the occasion of the 61st anniversary of the creation of the African Union, symbolizing the ideal of an integrated African continent on a desire to live in tolerance, we sincerely congratulate our African friends on May 25, Africa Day,” the report said.

The department noted that Turkey carries out its activities in interaction with African countries, based on the principles of mutual respect and equality. The main goal of our cooperation with the countries of Africa – the “rooting” of peace, stability and development throughout the continent, – emphasized in the Turkish department.

Turkey will continue to support the continent and its country, so that their voice, inspired by the principles of justice and equality, sounds louder, – said the Foreign Ministry of Turkey.

The Turkish department also noted that in the context of the future vision of the Turkish-African strategic partnership, which is 16 years old, in the fall of 2024 it is planned to hold the third conference of Ministers of Turkey and Africa, which will contribute to the further deepening of cooperation with the African continent.