Turkish intelligence services conducted an operation against RSC in 18 provinces

Turkish National Intelligence Organization in Coordination with the Main Police Department and the prosecutor’s office of the province of Shanlyurf conducted an operation against the cells of the terrorist operation of the RSC.

Anti -terrorist operations took place simultaneously in 18 provinces of Turkey – Chanlyurf, Istanbul, Antalya, Adan, Bursa, Diyarbakyr, Gaziantep, Mardin, Mersin, Denizli, Konya, Kaiseri, Batman, Ysartt, Balykesir, Shyrnak, Codzhaeli and Amasy. P>

After 10 months of intelligence activities in Iraq, Syria and Turkey, the country’s special services carefully observed the actions of persons suspected of relations with terrorists.

During the operation, about 90 people suspected of relations with a criminal organization were detained.