Turkish male sports gymnastics team won Olympic license

The male team of sports gymnastics, which took 10th place at the World Cup, held in Belgium, achieved historical success, for the first time gaining the opportunity to participate in the Olympic Games.

In the morning session of the second day of the competitions held in the hall of the Sports Palace in Antwerp, the athletes competed in the team standings.

The male team in the Ferhat Arykan, Akhmet Ender, Aema Asilya, Mehmet Aiberk Koshak, Kerem Shener and Emre Dadanly, who took 10th place with a total of 247,692 points in six forms. Thus, Turkish ates achieved historical success, for the first time qualified as a team for the Olympic Games. This team received the right to speak at the 2024 Olympics in Paris.

Aham Asil and Akhmet ender, who were in the personal standings in the first 24, will also continue the struggle in the final of the World Cup.

– Who else has Olympic licenses

In addition to Turkey, the teams of Japan, the USA, Great Britain, Canada, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, China, Spain, the Netherlands and Ukraine were qualified at the Olympics.