Turkish manufacturer of TOGG Electric cars began developing T8X model

The Turkish manufacturer of Togg electric vehicles began developing the third model of the T8X B -segment SUV. This was announced by Anadolu by Gurdzhan Karakash.

CEO of the company

“In January, we presented T10F, now we are making efforts to continue success, developing the T8X B -segment SUV,” he said.

According to him, Togg plans to present a new model after the start of sales of the T10F sedan next year.

Karakash noted that sales of the all-wheel drive version of the T10X model will be made from June to July in the form of a limited series during a test drive in the Togg campus in the city of Bursa in the north-west of Turkey.

“We continue efforts aimed at strengthening our positions in the European market,” he said.

He added that at present the company forms the appropriate infrastructure and plans to start the pre -order T10X in Europe at the end of this year.

Karakash noted that the TOGG strategy in relation to target markets abroad was revised after monitoring the dynamics of the market.

Earlier, the company planned to start with the Scandinavian countries, then moving to the Netherlands and Belgium, but adjustments were made to the plans. “We decided to enter the European markets, in particular, to the” triangle “Germany-France-Itali, which is the largest segment of the European car market,” he said.

GURURTASHAN KARKASH emphasized that not a single company except TOGG has still been able to produce and sell 20 thousand cars in the first year of production.

Karakash expressed confidence that success would be continued by developing new models.