Turkish parliament will consider extension of military mission in Libya

(Parliament (Great National Assembly) will consider the issue of extending the term of the Turkish military in Libya for another year.

The legislative body submits the corresponding bill signed by the President.

The document notes that “the continuation of the ceasefire and the process of political dialogue in Libya, as well as the establishment of peace and stability as a result of this process, are of great importance for Turkey.”

It is indicated that for Turkey and the entire region, the risks and threats emanating from Libya are still preserved. “In case of resuming attacks on the legitimate government (Libya), the interests of Turkey both in the Mediterranean basin and in North Africa will be at risk,” the request says.

It is emphasized that the prevention of resumption of clashes in Libya is important in order to ensure the completion of military and political negotiations on the Libyan settlement carried out under the auspices of the UN.