Turkish politician allowed country’s exit from NATO in six months

Turkey can leave NATO in five to six months due to provocative actions against Ankara. This opinion was expressed on Wednesday by the Deputy Chairman of the Turkish Party “Rodina” Etkhm Sanjak.

“Events force us to take such actions. NATO forces us to do this with their provocations. They are trying to contrast us with Greece’s neighbor. Turkey will leave NATO in five to six months. They try to drag us into a maelstrom in the Middle East. Finally, you see Promotions against the Qur’an in Sweden and the Netherlands, ”the Aydinlik newspaper quotes his words.

According to Sanjak, the latest surveys showed that at least 80% of the Turkish population is sure that “the USA is a country conducting the most hostile and destructive policy” in relation to the republic. “Recently, the Turkish people began to sympathize with Russia and President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin,” the politician stated.