Turkish President held telephone conversation with colleague from UAE

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan held a telephone conversation with a colleague from the UAE Mohammed Bin Zayd al-Nahayan.

About this on Wednesday, April 17 was reported in the Office for the Relations of the Administration of the President of Turkey.

The head of the Turkish state expressed regret in connection with a large -scale flood in the UAE.

Earlier, the WAM news agency reported with reference to the National Meteorological Agency, which the largest amount of precipitation has been the largest in the UAE.

In different regions of the country, rains are equal to equal intensity with a thunderstorm and hail, as well as with strong gusts of wind.

Flights were canceled, in educational institutions they switched to distance learning, and in companies- to work in remote format.

The National Committee of the UAE on Emergencies, crises and natural disasters recommended residents not to leave the house, not to leave the house unnecessarily.