Turkish scientific expedition reached Antarctic

Participants in the eighth Turkish Antarctic scientific expedition set foot on the island of King-Jorda after a 90-hour trip.

The expedition takes place under the patronage of the Administration of the President of Turkey, with the support of the Ministry of Industry and Technology of the country and the coordination of the Institute of Polar Research MAM under the Council for Scientific and Technical Research of Turkey (Tübi̇tak).

The expedition participants reached the shores of the Antarctic, leaving behind a grueling journey. The path from Istanbul to the White Continent took four days. Scientists overcame 13,800 km of path. On the island where they got four flights, the expedition came with about two tons of equipment, which will be used in research.

In accordance with the protocol on the protection of the environment of the Antarctic, coming off the ramp of the aircraft, the first thing the expedition members washed the boots with a disinfectant solution.

The expedition coordinator, Professor Burdju Ozso informed the Anadolu agency that, together with a team of 20 scientists, three students of the Lyceum arrived on the island who will perform their own experiments.

According to her, this year scientists from Spain, Bulgaria and the USA will take part in the Turkish scientific expedition.

Ozse noted that this year Turkish scientists are being implemented on the island of Khorsha and the adjacent territories of 22 projects. In addition, the team for the first time in the pole will test the equipment of Turkish production.

In the conditions of the Antarctic, a “smart” coat developed by students of the lyceum for measuring the frequency of heart contamen and pulse will be tested, the professor said.

From the island of King-Jorda, a scientific expedition to go to the island of Gruchny, and from there to the Horsha, where the temporary scientific camp of Turkey is located. The trip on the ship will take a week.