Turkish weightlifter Fatmagul Chevik won 2 bronze medals at European Championship

At the European WHOLETALITIC Championship, which is held in Bulgaria, the Turkish athlete Fatmagul Chevik won a bronze medal in the weight of +87 kg among women with a result of 131 kg in the push took third place from 238 kg in the amount.

Fatmagul Chevik joined the struggle for medals on the ninth and last day of the championship in Sofia.

The Turkish athlete took third place in her weight. She lifted 131 kg in a push, in total the biases scored 238 kg and won her second bronze medal.

British Emily Campbell, who won the gold medal raised 151 kg in a push, won the European champion title with a total weight of 263 kg.

Georgian Broatist Anastasia Hotfrid with a result of 140 kg in a push and with a total result of 257 kg. I won a silver medal

Turkish weightlifters completed the European Championship with 24 medals in the asset, including 5 gold, 8 silver and 11 bronze.