Türkiye and EU can work closely in field of renewable energy sources

Türkiye and the European Union share the same goals in the field of green transformation. Perhaps the potential will appear for closer cooperation between the EU and Turkey.

This was stated by the head of the program on energy and the environment of the EU delegation in Turkey Christian Ballaro in an interview with Anadolu.

Ballaro noted that Turkey and the EU have firm obligations to decarbonize its economy and transition to green energy.

According to him, there are many elements that combine the interests of Turkey and the EU companies that produce equipment for renewable energy sources, and there are also positive thoughts about Turkey regarding the chain of creation of value and investment capabilities.

Ballaro noticed that last year the EU Commissioner emphasized the importance of green energy in cooperation between the EU and Turkey.

“I think that Turkey copes very well with the renewable energy sector, diversifying its energy resources and develops in this area. We are observing a huge increase in renewable energy capacities. I think that there will be opportunities for closer cooperation between the EU and Turkey”, – emphasized the representative of the EU.

According to him, the transformation of green energy should be considered not only as an increase in the power of pure energy.

“Of course, when we want to invest more in the transition to green energy, we also need to take into account the raw materials. We need to consider international cost creations. Cooperation between Turkey and the EU has long been fruitful cooperation. European manufacturers have great interest in investment in Turkey, I even think that interest in them is growing, ”said Ballaro.

He noted that the consistent approach of Turkish officials to the energy transition corresponds to what the EU does.

“I am sure that there will be more investments in the renewable energy sector, since the” green “transition is constant. This is a systemic change that means that not only in the system there should be more renewable energy, but the entire system should adapt to this variable production That is, they still require huge investments, ”he emphasized.

Ballaro added that the creation of a green energy ecosystem will contribute to the expansion of economic capabilities and employment, as well as the formation of a higher standard of living and a more reliable energy system part of everyday life.