Türkiye celebrates 105th anniversary of beginning of national liberation struggle

In Turkey, today is a day of Ataturk and the Festival of Youth and Sports (Atatürk’ü Anma, Gençlik Ve Spor Bayramı)

On May 19, 1919, the founder of the Turkish Republic of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk spoke to youth in the city of Samsun, announcing a mobilization to combat interventionists who captured part of the country’s territory. This appeal laid the foundation for the national liberation war that marked the creation Turkish Republic.

Later this day was named youth day.

Throughout Turkey and in the diplomatic mission of the country, festive events are organized abroad.

as part of events dedicated to Ataturk’s Day and Youth and Sports Festival, the Mausoleum of the founder of the Turkish Republic was visited by the Minister of Youth and Sports of the country Osman Ashkyn Bak, accompanied by children and adolescents from all over the country.