Türkiye has reached level of leading countries in field of stem cell transplantation

Turkey has reached the level of developed countries in the field of transplantation of stem cells, where up to 5 thousand operations for transplanting stem cells are carried out annually. About this “Anadolo” was told by the head of the World Afirez Association (WAA) prof. Foevi Altuntash according to the results of the Congress on rare hematological diseases in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRK).

Altuntash noted that now Turkey has reached the level of Western countries on stem cell transplantation due to research, education, investments and efforts of the Ministry of Health.

“Turkey today in this area has reached the level of countries where per capita income is 4-5 times higher than our indicators. This indicates how important Turkey gives the healthcare area,” he said.

The head of WAA also drew attention to the development of Turkey in the methods of treatment of cancer, in particular cancer tumor.

“It is important to encourage participation in clinical studies in the field of transplantation of stem cells and cancer tumor,” he added.