Türkiye has successfully experienced domestic system for landing helicopters on ships

The system of safe landing of helicopters on ships has replenished the list of domestic decisions offered by the Turkish defense industry for domestic platforms.

According to the information obtained by an anadol correspondent, significant results were obtained as a result of one of the measures aimed at minimizing the foreign dependence of the products of the Turkish defense industry.

In particular, work was carried out on the localization of the “capture” system and the transfer of helicopters for use on the ships of the Turkish Navy, which was introduced on importing from Canada.

, in the framework of works coordinated by the Office of the Defense Industry (SSB), the project of indigenization and supply of the system of capture and transfer of helicopters entered the final stage. The basis of the project was laid down in May 2021 by STM Defense Technologies Engineering and Trade Inc. and altınay defense technologies.

The helicopter system launched in April, with the support of the command of the ISTANBUL SHIPYARD shipyard, was installed and integrated on the first national frigate of the TCG ISTANBUL. In the presence of representatives of the SSB, the command of the Turkish Navy and STM, acceptance tests of the system were also completed.

In August, Altınay Defense Technologies and STM conducted “tests of initial operational readiness.” Within the framework of these tests, the system was first operated on the ship, and all its functions were checked in detail.

After conducting the “initial readiness for start-up”, the first helicopter tests were carried out with the SH-70 SEA HAWK helicopter approach. The system successfully discovered the position of the SH-70 helicopter and tracked it using a helicopter interceptor.

During the “acceptance tests in the port”, all functions of the system were checked and worked out. As a result of the tests, it was proved that the system of its own development is ready to plant the SH-70 SEA HAWK helicopter. At the final stage of the tests, the SH-70 SEA HAWK helicopter came up with the ship and landed on the deck during visual support provided by the system. Then the helicopter was recorded by the system and transferred to the hangar.