Türkiye introduced first domestic turbibia engine

On the fields of the Teknofest festival, the first Turkish TEI-TF6000 Turkish engine is represented in the Izmir.

Tai Engine Industry Inc. (TEI) at the Teknofest Exhibition Izmir organized by the Turkish Technological Team Fund (T3 Foundation) and the Ministry of Industry and Technology, presented the development of engines for the aviation industry.

The Global Communication Partner Teknofest is the 9th time for Anadola (AA).

The festival for the first time is presented by the TEI-TF6000 turbocharger engine, which the company has been working for enough time.

The Director General of TEI Mahmuth Akshit told the Anadol correspondent that the Teknofest in Ankara was the task of providing a prototype for the next festival and the company completed it.

This is a very important and turning point

explaining that in the defense industry, in addition to missile and electric engines, engines for UAVs, helicopters and aircraft are needed, he noted that as a result of the work, the country received engines for UAVs and helicopters.

“For complete success, it was possible to develop the technology of aviation engines. Today, this demonstration confirms that Turkey has created its aviation engine. This is a very important and turning point. At this stage, creating a larger or smaller engine is a matter of time, money and development of the project After that, we will be able to quickly adapt them in accordance with the necessary settings, ”added Mahmuth Akshit.