Türkiye is aimed at normalizing relations with Armenia

the ultimate goal of Turkey is to achieve a complete normalization of relations with Armenia.

This was stated by the special representative of Turkey in negotiations to normalize relations between Ankara and Yerevan Ambassador Serdar Kylych, speaking at the panel discussion “Peace, Development and Relationship in the South Caucasus”. The event was organized as part of the 3rd Diplomatic Forum in Antalya (Turkey).

“Of course, in this process there are some conditions necessary for its implementation, and we must maintain commitment to the fulfillment of these conditions,” said the diplomat.

According to the ambassador, he considers consultations held in Moscow with the special representative of Armenia to normalize relations with Turkey Ruben Rubinyan as the “process of building trust.” “We need to take measures in order to establish mutual trust. Otherwise, we will distance yourself from each other. We need to focus on the aspects that unite us, instead of focusing on the moments that disconnect us,” he said.

Serdar Kylych noted that the confrontation between Azerbaijan and Armenia has been going on for more than 30 years, and to eliminate it should be learned from errors.

In his opinion, in order to achieve positive results in the process of normalizing relations between Turkey and Armenia and in peaceful negotiations between Armenia and Azerbaijan, it is necessary to focus on ensuring the welfare of the peoples of the region. Serdar Kylych expressed confidence that the parties could overcome the disagreement.

He called it incorrectly attempts to impose his vision of settlement in the process of normalizing relations with Armenia. “Each country, each region must talk to each other in order to find its own solutions and facilitate the implementation of the conditions associated with them. If we do not correctly use the available We have tools and we will not try to overcome our disagreement, we will not be able to find solutions, ”he said.

Kylych noted that intensive air traffic is established between Turkey and Armenia, and citizens of the two countries are already maintaining contacts with each other.

He indicated that in Ankara they hope for the opening of the Turkish-Armenian border. However, the ambassador at the same time emphasized that the nomination of this issue as a preliminary condition for negotiations on normalization can lead to problems.

Serdar Kylych suggested that the special representative of Armenia Ruben Rubinyan hold a meeting in Yerevan next week.