Türkiye is largest investor in Tatarstan

Türkiye is the largest investor in Tatarstan with 2.5 billion dollars. This was said by Turkish ambassador to Moscow Tanzhu Bilgich, in an interview with Anadol, in the fields of the Russia-Islamic world: Kazanforum 2024 forum in Tatarstan, whose information partner is the Anadola agency.

He noted that the forum unites Russia and the Islamic world, and the number of events and participants in the forum is increasing every day.

“This year in Kazan there are many participants from the Islamic world. There are many high -level participants. This year, various events and sporting events are organized in various fields. There are also participants from our country. Our deputy minister for family matters and social support We also represent Turkey here with many different companies, ”the ambassador said.

Bilgich drew attention to the significance of the forum in Kazakhs, adding that Tatarstan is mainly Muslim Republic.

According to him, Tatarstan is one of the most economically developed republics of Russia, where the oil, automobile and aviation industry is developed.

He emphasized that Tatarstan is one of the gates of Russia to the world.

“Attempts to attract many investors are made in Kazan. Russia is trying to improve its relations with Islamic countries through Tatarstan. Turkey has a lot of investments here. Turkey is the largest investor in Tatarstan, we have about $ 2.5 billion. A third of Turkey investments in Russia It falls on the Tatarstan and Kazan region, ”said Bilgich.

The ambassador noted that many Muslims live in Russia and the demand for halal products is growing every day. He also added that many companies work in Turkey in this area.

“For Turkish companies, it is very important to participate in this halal market and fairs, in which companies that produce halal products take part. Many of our companies are here and try to conduct business with Russia through Kazan and Tatarstan. We support them as much as we can” ” – he emphasized.