Türkiye is located in 11th place in world sector of transportation and logistics

Türkiye takes 11th place in the world ranking of the transport and logistics sector. The country accounts for 2.5 percent of the global export transport market with a total volume of $ 100 billion. This is stated in the message of the Ministry of Trade of Turkey, published on Saturday, April 13th.

This sector accounts for 40 percent in the total export of Turkish services, and this indicator is increasing every year, the Turkish department noted.

At the same time, in the Turkish Ministry of Trade, attention was paid to the indicator of the logistics effectiveness index (IEL), which is calculated by the World Bank.

The IEL of Turkey in 2018 was 3.15 points, and the country was located in 47th place in the world ranking, while last year the country rose to 38th place with 3.4 points, the message says.

The department indicated that in accordance with the plan of development of the economy, the goal was set to bring Turkey to 25th place in the world in IEL in 2028.