Türkiye successfully develops laser weapons

Turkish defense industry continues the successful development of laser weapons.

The ALKA directed energy system of the Turkish defense company Roketsan is a sample of products corresponding to the digital technology. This was stated by the manager for the advanced systems of the Roketsan Innovation Systems Department Seyit Tunch.

He recalled that Alka was developed under the leadership of the Office of the Defense Industry under the Administration of the President of Turkey.

According to him, ALKA is a hybrid air defense system using electromagnetic and laser technologies to counteract asymmetric threats.

“ALKA is an innovative weapon system developed with the correct architecture of artificial intelligence,” Tunch explained.

He noted that the METE mini -rack is a low -size ammunition with laser guidance for air, sea and ground drones.

According to him, Mete is another innovative product Roketsan,

He noted that Mete, which is the smallest rocket in the world, has a caliber of 40 mm, a length of 50 cm.

The tunch added that the company conducts research focused on artificial intelligence in order to take a leading position on the world market, developing a competitive, simple use and high -precision products in accordance with the vision voiced by Rocketsan CEO Murat Ikindzhi.

The tunch emphasized that a team of highly qualified specialists is working on achieving these goals in Rocketsan.