Türkiye will condemn in connection with terrorist attack in Somalia

Turkish Foreign Ministry expressed condolences in connection with human victims as a result of yesterday’s attack in the capital of Somalia, Mogadish.

Among the dead were military personnel from the UAE and Bahrain. They were involved in the work of the mission, which is engaged in the training of the personnel of the Somali Armed Forces.

“are deeply saddened by the news of the deaths of military personnel who contributed to ensuring the security of Somalia. We express our condolences to the people of Somali, the united Arab Emirates and Bahrain”-will say in the statement of the Turkish foreign policy.

The Foreign Ministry assured that Ankara would continue to maintain efforts to ensure “security, stability and prosperity of Somalia.”

On the eve of the Somali soldier, who was on duty at the training base of Gordan in Mogadisho, shot several people, including the military from the UAE and Bahrain. Also reported about the wounded.

The responsibility for the attack was taken by the Ash Shabaab terrorist organization took responsibility for the attack. According to her, the attack was made by the terrorist-suicide bomb.