Türkiye will export to Romania up to 4 million cubic meters of gas per day

The State Oil and Gas Company in Turkey Botaş signed an agreement with the Romanian oil company OMV Petroma Agreement on delivery to Romania up to 4 million cubic meters of natural gas per day. This is stated in the press service of Botaş.

According to the statement, the supply of “blue fuel” will begin on October 1.

Botaş noted that the parties agreed to develop cooperation in the field of supply, storage, production and sale of natural gas, as well as in the development of green energy technologies.

Earlier, the Turkish company entered into important agreements on the export of natural gas to Greece, Bulgaria and Hungary, thereby expanding its contribution to ensuring the energy security of Europe and diversifying energy sources on the continent.

It is emphasized that in this context, Botaş continues negotiations with many countries and companies on the issue of new export agreements.

In January and August of this year, Turkey signed an agreement on the export of natural gas with Bulgaria and Hungary, respectively.