Turkmenistan: an exhibition of goods and services of Afghanistan takes place

In Ashgabat, an exhibition of goods and services of Afghanistan takes place. In addition, a joint Turkmen-Afghan business forum and a number of other events took place, local media reports.

The Afghan delegation is headed by the acting Minister of Trade and Industry of Afghanistan Nuruddin Azizi. The Afghan delegation consists of about 275 people, including more than 230 managers or senior representatives of companies and other structures.

Speaking at the forum, the head of the Agricultural Reforms of the Ministry of Agriculture of Turkmenistan Kerim Saparov noted that the country is conducting systematic work on uninterrupted water supply of agriculture and at the same time efficient use of water resources and the implementation of water -saving technologies.

According to him, Turkmenistan is ready to cooperate with Afghanistan in the field of agricultural and agriculture, to expand bilateral cooperation in priority areas in this area and enter new forms of partnership.

Meanwhile, an exhibition of Afghan goods was solemnly opened in the building of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Turkmenistan, within which the Turkmen-Afghan Business Forum was held.

Turkmen and Afghan manufacturers in the fields of food and light industry, agriculture, sports goods, construction, various services.

were deployed at the exhibition.

The exhibition also presents the banking sector, steel and metallurgical industry, pharmaceutical and oil and gas industry, aviation and logistics, production of precious stones and precious metals, textile, craft and carpet industries.